Sunday, March 17, 2013

Gnawed & Nod


  1. For me these aren't homophones, possibly because I'm British - gnawed rhymes with roared and sawed (and soared), whereas nod rhymes with plod and clod and rod

  2. Yeah, dialect definitely comes into play for a number of these. My own pronunciation is always my starting point. :)

    1. I doubt you need any suggestions, however - Gnawed and Nord, saw and sore and soar, hoard and whored (I doubt you could or would want to illustrate that one though), law and lore, meat and meet, hair and hare...

  3. Ha! Whored might be a bit further than I'm willing to go here. :)
    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll add them to the list, even if I don't get to 'em right away. I think I will probably stick to N. American pronunciations in general, but it's always nice to have options.