Sunday, March 6, 2016

Callous & Callus (Final post)

It's Homophones, Weakly's fifth anniversary today, and also its final day.
I've enjoyed this project immensely, as well as chatting with many of you about words-n-stuff over the years, but it's time for me to move on. I can't commit to weekly updates here anymore. I may revisit HW from time to time – after all, there are still plenty of homophones to get to. But I can't be your Sunday habit anymore...
Or can I?
I've been collecting lost/discarded shopping lists for years. (Shut up, it's not weird! And I'm not the only one who does it!) But it's finally time for me to do something with them! Starting today, I'll be blogging one list every week, accompanied by an illustration of the person I imagine wrote it. It's called Shoppers Unknown, and I'll be trying it out on Tumblr as well here on Blogger. I'll have links to it from Twitter, Facebook, and Ello as usual, too. (Jeez, suddenly this sounds like a lot of work...)
Anyway, the point is I'll still be drawing something for you every Sunday! I'll just be posting it over at Shoppers Unknown. I hope to see you there!
And here's our final pair of homophones, Callous & Callus, which pays tribute to HW's very first post on 3/6/2011.
-ous – (adj.) Mean, uncaring.
-us – (n.) Hard patch of toughened skin.


  1. I'm sincerely sorry to see this series end, as I've enjoyed it greatly! Thank you so much for all the time spent on it.

  2. Do you have these compiled and available to the public?

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