Sunday, March 23, 2014

Borough, Burro, Burrow

Inextricably linked to New York, I'm sure you could carry the accent for Borough far enough that it would be a homophone for Borrow instead. But this grouping suits my midwestern ears better.

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  1. I haven't seen this pure homophonic quadruple anywhere. The fourth entry makes it, of course: I, aye, eye, ai
    ('pure' means no plurals of nouns, no punctuation or abbreviations, etc...So, for example, we wouldn't count 'raise' and 'rays' as pure nor 'raise' and 'Ray's'..Here's a homophone joke for all you rockers out there: A teenager named Fallis is the son of a mohil (a man who performs ritual circumcisions). Fallis is the leader of a band; it's an all percussion band, with four members, each playing a drum. They are able to maintain their equipment by recycling 'material' from Fallis' father's practice. Their band is named - of course - the four skins.
    Try to think of a worse one than that...JG


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