Sunday, April 1, 2012


Homophones, Weakly's first guest blogger! Harrison, my six-year-old partner in homophony, submitted not only a suggestion, but his very own drawing based on the complicated situation of listening to people pronounce the word Iraq. Is it "eh-" or "eye-," "-rack" or "-rock"? There are lots of possible combinations (not to mention quite a few meanings for "rack" – ahem), so I appreciate the help in sorting it out, Harrison. And I enjoyed reinterpreting your drawings in the HW style.


  1. Could you tell me, what the best translation is for "I rock"?

  2. According to Harrison's sketches, I went with two definitions:
    1. I shift my weight back and forth, as on a rocking chair.
    2. I am so totally awesome.

  3. Thanks for clarifing. Now everything is clear. =)


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