Sunday, July 31, 2011

Miner & Minor

With an E – A person who digs a mine.
With an O – Small in size, significance, etc. A person under the legal age of responsibility. A musical term relating to scales with certain intervals lowered by half steps. Also, a secondary, subordinate educational degree – but that implies the "lesser significance" definition, doesn't it? So I didn't draw anything for that.
(Of course, I suppose the musical "minor" implies that definition as well, with the lowered notes. But I did decide to include that in the picture. Well, what can I say? I'm an illustrator, not a linguist. And definitely not a perfectionist.) :)


  1. what about adding a 3rd panel of a myna (bird)?

  2. It's funny you mention that because for years I used to think people were saying "miner" when they said "myna." And just when I got it figured out, I discovered there actually IS a miner bird as well, which is totally different than the myna.
    I do have a penchant for animal taxonomy and natural history and such, but I decided when I started this blog that I won't let myself get carried away with every common name of every kind of animal that might wind up being a homophone of some other word.
    For one thing, I think that most of the animals I would end up including here would be fairly obscure – like the miner bird – and wouldn't be the kind of thing a person might casually misspell because it sounds like another word. There will be some, like mussel and sole, that are a bit more common, that I plan to include, but this leads me to my second reason for trimming back on the animal names:
    If I DID include them all, this would probably end up looking like a nature/grammar blog, and that's not my intent. I've got plenty of other nature-type projects up my sleeve, I don't need to focus on that here.

    OK, that was a way too long way of saying "thanks for the suggestion, Ushma!" :)

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