Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sew, So, Sow

The one on the right is in honor of us finally getting our garden planted this weekend! Yay!
The one on the left is in honor of my wife Vanessa's sewing blog: Pass/Fail Sewing. Which you should totally check out... if you're sew-inclined.
And the one in the middle might be a guy gesturing "so?" but is more likely a picture of me admitting I have no idea what to draw here.


  1. You left out the sow noun definition and a pig picture. I asked a neighbor about these words and spellings because I wanted to use the correct word and see if there was an easy way for me to remember using the e, and o the way I remember very and vary meaning differences; the e is for extremely, and the a alter or change...

    To sow seed you use the ground or soil to plant in... they both have the letter o in them. I have read sow as a verb and a noun and have just hesitated in writing, because I was had a hard tome accepting the two ways to pronounce and use one word. Noun usage I can remember that are omnivores and they are ground animals words also having the letter o in them.

    Sew is what you do with a needle and thread and both of them contain the letter e.

    Sue in to

  2. Very clever mnemonics!
    The reason I left out the pig picture, though, is that it has a different pronunciation than these. Not -oh like in "blow," but -ow like in "down."