Sunday, November 3, 2013

Plain & Plane

Two separate images today, to accommodate multiple definitions.
-ain – 1: (adj.) simple, unadorned. 2: (n.) grassy field.
-ane – 1: 2-dimensional surface. 2: abbreviation for airplane.

(If I had made that second cake a wedding cake, I suppose I could have dedicated this post to my friends Rachel & Chris, whose marriage commences today! Instead, in their honor, I'll look back at a few previous wedding-themed posts.)

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  1. Don't need to publish this as a comment, but could I get permission to use these images? I am mini-publishing a book of songs that my students wrote just for those students and our theme this year was planing (musical planing - parallel voice leading) and I am planning on including in the book some images of other things that the word plane/plain conjures up. The book is just for about 20 students and is just a fun way to encourage them to compose their own music to share with others.